The Wilmington Community Advisory Council, a diverse group of state and local stakeholders, was created in 2016 to address youth gun violence based on the 2015 CDC Report. The Council serves as a convener, broker and advocate for addressing the root causes of gun violence, e.g. toxic stress and trauma, behavioral health, unemployment, and neighborhood safety. It does this by bringing together community organizations and coalitions and connecting them to needed expertise and resources. In addition it advocates for policy changes that remove barriers. The long-term intent is to harness the power of partnerships to improve practices and policies that can have sustainable impact on reducing gun violence and promoting opportunities for positive development among our youth, and helping our communities to become more resilient.

*Network / Coalition Development
*Community Capacity
*Policy Advocacy
*Youth & Community Engagement
*Communications & Awareness
*Reduce Risk Factors
*Reduce Violence
*Increase Productive Factors

Members of POWER are committed to reforming.

● Relationships between individuals, communities, organizations and government
● A culture of violence that normalizes gun and youth violence
● Systems and structures that perpetuate disadvantage in communities impacted by violence

To partners, the P.O.W.E.R. provides:

● A platform to coordinate initiatives
and resources for collective action
● Leadership development through
participation in the Community
Engagement Teamin Council efforts
● Opportunities to foster connection
through community events and
networking mixers
● Individual and organizational
capacity building / opportunities for
shared learning
● Promotion through POWER
media and marketing


Commitment For Change

We develop community change that helps you achieve family goals and growth.

We Provide  guidance, support, and advocacy services to the youth and their families living in high need communities in the City of Wilmington.